Soundbath at Naracoorte Caves with Sacred Resonance

Soundbath at Naracoorte Caves with Sacred Resonance

Using the modality of Sound Therapy ,and at times if appropriate ,Energy Psychology and Somatic Therapies, Jennifer has developed a unique and powerful synergetic combination for personal transformation .

Neuroscience has now proven , what the Ancients have known for thousands of years  -  that sound and music can access the creative abilities of the brain , and have dramatic and  positive effects on the immune system, limiting beliefs, personal expansion and balance . Think chanting, mantra, purpose built sacred sound sites, Shamanic ritual , Cathedrals and the Pyramid Chambers.  Sound can travel you to expanded states of consciousness, connect our awareness to the quantum field while accessing the subconscious mind . Sound can assist in releasing limiting beliefs and blocks  , bring about revelation and reframe for more evolved , joyous living . Sound will shift your brain states and promote well being, healing, relaxation , elevate mood and bring clarity. 

These sound sessions have the potential to create deeply altered states of consciousness that can access the brain's unused potentials to bring about elevated creativity , spiritual and personal insight. 

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