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Studio Singing Lessons

Online Zoom Singing Lessons 

Blended Singing and Somatic Therapy Sessions. 

Recording and Live performance opportunities.



Singing Lessons

All ages and Levels

Jennifer is highly regarded as a caring attentive practitioner with experience, testimonials and results spanning over the past 20 years. She engages in a wholistic , collaborative yet professionally directive approach  with students.

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Contact to arrange a 30 session pro gratis experience and discuss your goals. 

Blended Adult Sessions

Discovering your Voice and Somatic Therapies

A unique option for adult vocal students is a blend of singing practice and technique combined with healing, connective and  expressive somatic therapies,Qigong breath work, ancestral lineage connection through ancient folk songs etc. Contact me for more information . Also available as a zoom class, so no geographical inhibitors. 

About Jenifer DeGrassi

Trained at the Elder Conservatorium of music in both Classical and Jazz, the Jo Estill Method ,has studied Eastern European and Persian singing , performed in various jazz ensembles, musical theatre, is a composer ,performer and a holistic voice and sound therapist. You will also find her performing her eclectic original compositions in concert mode. 

As a consequence to these rich experiences ,she is proficient in any genre of music due to her vast performance catalogue spanning several decades.


Singing is for anyone with a heart to do so. It is good for brain development, confidence and releases  serotonin, dopamine oxytocin and regulates the nervous system . And it's just fun . Trainers, Speakers Sound Therapists Teachers ,the young and older, beginners and professional. In fact anyone needing to connect with their voice and improve the mastery of their voice will receive great benefit and acceleration within their craft from this guidance , insight and training.

What to expect

A session is usually 45mins or 60mins long. A typical session will consist of warm up and technical exercises, technique and then repertoire and stagecraft if there is a concert scheduled. There are recording facilities here at the studio, which is a whole other facet to undertake and students can record individual songs or an EP if they so wish .Live performance is also encouraged with a concert held annually at the iconic live music venue The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel , specifically for students to showcase their talents on the large stage, in a professional setting and of course,  family and friends to celebrate their achievements. 

Audition preparation and solo performance is another focus with many students winning places in prestigious schools, WAAPA , NAIDA ACPA and The Conservatorium of Music . This is a constant source of mentoring fulfilment for Jennifer , witnessing students taking those crucial leaps toward their dreams.

Contact Jennifer to book a pro gratis 30min session.

What people say

Leanne Smith 

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value 

" My daughter Ella(age nearly 10 when started) has been a student with Adelaide Hills Arts since 2017. 
She has grown in confidence and learnt many skills and techniques that has enabled her to blossom and find her special voice thanks to Jennifer. Jennifer has embraced Ellas unique personality and performance style with patience and respect at all times. She has challenged Ella to be the best she can be and supported her when Ella has found challenges in songs and belief in her own capabilities. 
Jennifer has encouraged Ella and supported her throughout this journey of finding her voice, performing skills and confidence. 
I highly recommend Adelaide Hills Arts to anyone who has a passion for singing/music/performing. 

Jennifer’s undeniable talent, professionalism, knowledge, 
experience, communication and genuine warm supportive nature which my daughter has been lucky enough to experience has no doubt positively influenced her to believe in herself and her talent going forward. 
A huge thanks to Jennifer.💓 "

Leanne Smith.  

Showcase performance ~showing us how it is done

Showcase performance ~showing us how it is done

The Bacharach and Beehive Choir @ Fringe Festival

The Bacharach and Beehive Choir @ Fringe Festival