Soundbath at Naracoorte Caves with Sacred Resonance


A Voice Activation Workshop

A full day deep dive powerful holistic group experience encompassing the key facets of The Alchemists Journey Course

Something very special happens when a gathering of women arrive with purpose and intent to evolve and remember themselves

Your voice is a transformational and wellbeing tool and everyone can sing . It is your Birthright

Reconnect your voice to the essence of who you truly are . Your original sound. Contact me to find out when the next workshop is scheduled.

The Testimonials…

"The Alchemist's Journey is an amazing workshop, giving tools and wisdom to help shift old trauma in the body and mind, thus enabling our own healing process. We were making sound, moving and toning through the archetypes, helping us embody the archetypes and allowing us to connect with our ancient instinctual selves, empowering and recreating connections. Our communication and creative powers, were brought forward to be nourished. Jennifer is a warmhearted and sensitive facilitator. I recommend this workshop wholeheartedly.  

       ~  Kirstin

" Thank you so much again for the amazing Voice Activation Workshop , The Alchemist's Journey yesterday.I enjoyed the group and felt safe in the way you allowed us to be and express ourselves. The movement together with the sound was beautiful. I loved all the elements of it and your powerful voice. The Superconscious Renewal was amazing and I really feel like I have begun a new timeline and feel more connected to my authentic voice. "       ~      Denise


Want to go deeper?

 Are you drawn to access and open your authentic powerful voice and energetic evolution ?


The Alchemist's Journey is an in person 15 week deep dive- 1 2 1 - program created for you. It combines Ancient Schools of Wisdom with current Neuroscience. 

It is a Voice Activation transformational course that is designed to uncover your true and authentic voice in all it's sovereign power. This course  will also release limiting beliefs,  discover and clear blockages ,aligning  you to the version of your life that you know is waiting for you. The voice is a powerful tool of inner work and transformation.

 The Alchemist's Journey is a unique and potent blend for personal transformation, supported by powerful client testimonials.


Each session is 90mins


Neuroscience has now proven , what the Ancients have known for thousands of years  -  that sound , voice and music can access the creative abilities of the brain ,  have a dramatic and positive effect on the immune system, limiting beliefs, personal expansion and revelation. Think chanting, mantra, purpose built sacred sound sites, Shamanic ritual , Cathedrals and the Pyramid Chambers. 

Sound can travel you to expanded states of consciousness, connect you to resonant fields from which deep transformation, inner healing and inner guidance can arise. It can connect your awareness to the limitless quantum field ,while accessing the subconscious mind .  

Superconscious Renewal is a powerful , non talk neuroscience modality woven into this course, that enables access to the subconscious mind , neutralising painful memories and unearthing limiting beliefs ( possibly around the voice ) behaviours and patterns- clearing the path for true empowerment.


The Alchemist's Journey is a transformative work . A culmination of 20 years exploration and lived experience around many disciplines and decades as a Vocal Artist and Vocal Coach.

You will learn techniques  to access the brain's unused potentials ,to bring about elevated creativity , spiritual and personal insight , promote well being, healing, relaxation and bring clarity and connect you you your true voice.

In short, release and reveal your own innate wisdoms, greatness, wholeness and Co-Creativity - creating connections and liberating your Authentic voice, Original Sound ,as a gateway to the Field of Consciousness


This course will include

  • Voice Activation, release and technique                  
  • Nervous system regulation
  • Shamanic vision quests. 
  • Archetype toning and processing 
  • Somatic embodiment and movement
  • Sound Journeying
  • Superconscious Renewal 
  • Sacred chants 
  • Vocal Yoga with Sacred Seed Sounds   
  • Breathing technique  
  • The Alchemist's Journey course is Trauma informed.


A comprehensive introduction to this course is available as The Alchemist's Journey Workshop


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